Kaybid's animals that are wandering the streets silently may remind the viewer that the world does not only belong to the humans, or that the urban ecosystem is one that actually is quite alien to the organic realm. 
Kaybid is an urban art "movement" that brings together streetart, painting, collage, GIF, animation, video art, augmented reality.

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Art & Ideas

Original artworks, limited edition print, design, product and cooperation 

Domesticated Animals From My Studio
Collage, painting, video art

Limited Edition prints

User manual for vitality

First Aid Kit For City Hackers

Gİf, Sticker, Mask, and other works

Ghosts Of The City

Fight against time and city conditions!

I follow all the animals I have pasted on the streets as much as I can. I document how they resist the city's conditions and what happened to them. once I leave it on the street, I never touch again. I just watch how they live, what happens to them, as if watching a documentary on television.



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