Kaybid is an urban art "movement" that brings together streetart, painting, collage, GIF, animation, videoart, augmented reality. Kaybid consists of small scale walking animal figures that are spread across the urban landscape.

The installation locations are all spaces that the urban life passes through: outside of buildings, sometimes the insides, walls, the pavement, abudments… These, the cities indeed, are spaces that these animals would normally not exist, nor would they ever want to. One can’t think of a rhino or a moose to calmly just pass through Kadife Street, or a bear quietly strolling down the Yüksek Kaldırım staircase in broad daylight. There are just a few species that have managed to adapt to the city habitat, cats, dogs, some birds, insects and bacteria. There isn’t much chance we could encounter any other creature anyways. We would not let them.


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