Plural of Eidōlon: noun
 An image or representation of an idea; a representation of an ideal form; an apparition of some actual or imaginary entity, or of some aspect of reality.

 Etymology: From (eidōlon) "figure, representation", from (eidos) "sight", from (eidō) "I see" . A phantom, a ghost or elusive entity. - An image or representation; a form; a phantom; an apparition.


In this series, I worked with emotions, concepts, and entities; and tried to capture the images that may represent their essences.

What if concepts and emotions could rise up to a surface to obtain faces? What would they look like? As I searched for answers to these questions I documented my process and connected them through animated gifs and videos. In the videos, you may witness the appearance and disappearance of an Eidōlon.

You can see the series of physical paintings that make up Eidōla by visiting each Eidōlon's page. So you can experience how it looks physically, layer by layer.

From the paintings, you can see how they look physically. And when you watch the short films, you can find information about their spirits. Their NFTs reveal information about the Eidōla's looks and feelings.

NFT's  & Process


1/1 Rare

Eidōla NFTs are rare 1/1 unique digital assets. Each NFT may be viewed as a short film that provides some hints about the life story and the character of the Eidōlon.


Be a part of the Eidōla

- If you are the primary owner of an Eidōlon, you can suggest a name for the next Eidōlon that I create.
- Thus, you can get involved in the project and take part in the chain of names that will be formed. And your name will appear in NFT's metadata as part of the Artifact.

Burn the physical?

Or if you so desire, you may burn the physical Eidōlon and set your A4-trapped-Eidōlon free. If you like, I can handle this liberation task for you too. Or you can just leave the physical copy behind and you can also ask me to use the artworks as material for the street collages of my "Silent Steps" series. I would be honored to help the Eidōlon reincarnate into wild animals.


The game is simple;
- As each Eidōlon owner names the next Eidōlon and we will witness the birth of a new Eidōlon. Like dominoes. Each collector will form a bond between the Eidōlon they acquired and the next one and this will result in the birth of a new Eidōlon.




Physical Artworks

I'm only painting the first frame.
The first frame paints the remaining 6 frames, layer by layer.

In the physical work, all the 7 paintings used in the NFT are framed on top of each other. The actual physical existence of the video / gif is framed. Only the first and last painting can be seen in the frame. Eidōla only moves and becomes visible in the minted NFT. 

On the physical frame, there is also information such as the name of the work, the link to the Eidolon page (QR), the contract address, the mint date, and the name of the collector who named the work.

Images are representative!
Images are representative!
Images are representative!


The object and its essence; a concept and its essence; and finally: the image of this essence. The spirit of a face, or the face of a concept. How would a concept gaze at us and how would we see it? Does the forest spirit look like a deer? What kind of images would we face if we were to try to capture the essence of things? Could a sensation such as “Curiosity” —or even “Fire” as something we assume to know how to physically represent so well— obtain a spirit and how does this materialize in our physical actuality? How does it look at us from its conceptual realm gazing into the physical? What other sensation arises when curiosity is personified? Does the image of an emotion or of a concept look like the concept itself?

So as I was searching for the answers to these questions, I found myself mixing paint and making concoctions on paper. The works I present to you are the products of this ritualistic study.

These rituals are made as monoprints as the first paint markings are transferred onto the next frames before it sets, and fades one by one through each frame. And it is followed by the second paint layer and, one by one is transferred across every frame and every round, as it fades until disappearing. The third layer, then the fourth, maybe a smear here, a stroke there… The cycle repeats itself until the face obtains a gaze. I'm just painting the first frame. Others are just reflections of the first frame.  The spirit emerges. 

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