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Scientists do not know the exact number of living species that exist in the world. In fact, after documenting living things for several centuries, scientists have managed to document only 14% of living species. The remaining 86% of the species estimated to have existed have not yet been discovered. It is estimated that the planet Earth is about 8.7 million species. As the extinction rate increases, thousands of species continue to disappear without being documented and their existence will never be known to people.
Kaybid's animals that are wandering the streets silently may remind the viewer that the world does not only belong to the humans, or that the urban ecosystem is one that actually is quite alien to the organic realm. The animal images not only bring about an immediate reaction of compassion, but also due their ubiquity, archaicness and approachability exist beyond all norms and biases.

The installation locations are all spaces that the urban life passes through: outside of buildings, sometimes the insides, walls, the pavement, abudments… These, the cities indeed, are spaces that these animals would normally not exist, nor would they ever want to. One can’t think of a rhino or a moose to calmly just pass through Kadife Street, or a bear quietly strolling down the Yüksek Kaldırım staircase in broad daylight. There are just a few species that have managed to adapt to the city habitat, cats, dogs, some birds, insects and bacteria. There isn’t much chance we could encounter any other creature anyways. We would not let them.

The singular animals that are installed on the walls are actually each a single moment of a continuous inertia. The passer by on the street does not only see “an animal”, but also gets to witness “a moment”. When asked about life or vitality, we can’t yet talk about non carbon based beings or a habitat other than planet earth. 

Motion is at the very heart of life.. Vitality walks, grows, grows ...

Every single frame of the movement of the animals is created individually, and make up the cohesive walking animation when watched back to back thus bringing motion and life to the image of the animal.

Interviews and articles