Story Of Night Watch

In his Silent Steps series, street artist Kaybid has made approximately 400 animal collages and nearly 30 wild animal animations consisting of these collages, which he has been continuing for about five years.

To make these animations, Kaybid tore apart the pictures he painted on waste paper, created animal figures with these pieces, pasted them in various places on the city streets, and then photographed them.

Examining the gap between cities and wildlife and drawing attention to the irony between life in nature and death in cities, Kaybid made these walking animations with those photographs.

These works, which made us realize at once how far the city streets are from natural life, actually revealed how isolated and lonely creatures we are from nature and wildlife.

Kaybid worked at night to apply these works to the streets. Then, in the middle of the night, he took over the city watch with his herd of wild animals. He was wandering around the streets made of concrete and asphalt, where people passed by without anyone noticing and where he could not come across anything other than ordinary people, secretly leaving a wild animal in an unlikely corner of the city.

In the morning, after these night shifts, the streets were filled with city people who woke up in houses made of concrete piles and continued their daily lives—a rush, always an effort to get somewhere. People in the streets constantly ran around, but Kaybid's animals walked calmly in that hurry. It was as if they knew that everything was temporary. They were calmly passing through the city. With this calmness, it was as if they were asking people who the wild one was.

Instinct is the most ancient knowledge. It is not learned but transmitted. When the crowd of the day disperses, there is room for emotions. Now the stage belongs to your instinct and intuition. These feelings are the owner of the night. The owners of their nights are wild animals, which are also the actual owners of these feelings. With all their ancient knowledge, they are pacing on the night watch.

Our instincts that emerge at night are the partners of our nights, the actual owners of the nights. They're on patrol while we sleep. They are the inspiration of the nights, the real fire, Saturday night fever; they are partying, traveling, and full of love and excitement.